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Our Story

In 1954, Jack First started a small gunshop in Lancaster, CA.  His specialty was customer service.  He recognized the need for a good source for repair parts, and devised a system of supplying parts for gunsmiths that was faster than the service from factories, a much-needed improvement in the world of gunsmithing.  His same-day service was a welcome change.   It shortened the time involved in gun repairs, eliminating a major headache for gunsmiths.

In 1994 Jack and Phyllis moved the business to Rapid City, South Dakota, and still offer the same great service.  The 4 parts department sales girls at Jack First have over 148 years combined experience.  The 5 machinists have over 128 years combined experience.  Jack, an Iwo Jima WWII veteran, still worked part-time at the shop until his passing in 2017 at age 95.

Jack First manufactures more than 4,500 different parts for obsolete guns, stocks tens of thousands of original used parts, and carries thousands of current factory parts, making it one of the largest gun parts suppliers in the world. Jack First utilizes USA-made HAAS CNC machining equipment, Swiss-style CNC screw machining, surface grinding, coil-spring winding, digital optical inspection equipment, multiple different finish processes, in-house heat treating and hardness testing.