Browning 1935 P35 Hi Power extractor, long #55620



We just finished another run of our lateral (long) extractor for the FN High Power Pistol.   These are an exact reproduction of the original, and are wildly popular; we have sold hundreds of them.   We machine and heat treat these parts in-house from high quality tool steel; they are not cast.  They fit the 1935 models that were produced until 1962. 

When FN was looking for ways to reduce costs, the lateral extractor was replaced with the “visible extractor” on the side of the slide, incorporating a roll pin and spring.   Several other modifications were made to the pistol, making many of the original parts obsolete. 

Some parts may need additional fitting to accommodate wear in old firearms.

Sorry, we are unable to do any international sales of firearms parts due to excessive cost and regulations.