Browning 1935 P35 Hi Power extractor, long #55620

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We just finished another run of our lateral (long) extractor for the FN High Power Pistol.   These are an exact reproduction of the original, and are wildly popular; we have sold hundreds of them.   We machine and heat treat these parts in-house from high quality tool steel; they are not cast.  They fit the 1935 models that were produced until 1962. 

When FN was looking for ways to reduce costs, the lateral extractor was replaced with the “visible extractor” on the side of the slide, incorporating a roll pin and spring.   Several other modifications were made to the pistol, making many of the original parts obsolete. 

Some parts may need additional fitting to accommodate wear in old firearms.

Sorry, we are unable to do any international sales of firearms parts due to excessive cost and regulations. 

6 reviews for Browning 1935 P35 Hi Power extractor, long #55620

  1. Dave Wilson

    Bought one of these last month as a backup for a pre-1954 Hi Power I picked up from Mach 1 Arsenal. Drop-in with zero fitting needed and 100% reliable extraction/ejection. Could not be better!

  2. IHP

    This extractor works with the Inglis Hi-Powers. In mine it was a perfect drop-in fit (no adjustments required) and completely solved the failure to eject problems my old worn-out extractor had. Like the first review said, it literally could not be better.

  3. Alex

    When the extractor claw snapped off on my 75 year old, WW2-vintage FN/Browning Hi-Power during a day of shooting, I quickly became disappointed when it appeared that replacements were no longer available. However, I stumbled across Jack First during my Google searches and I’m glad I did. Within 2 days, the new extractor was in my mailbox. It is a drop-in fit, works perfectly, and even has the same blued finish as my Browning, matching the slide in visual appearance. I am very happy with this product and will definitely be shopping with Jack First again if I need any more parts.

  4. Richard

    Extractor fit perfectly in my 1961 FN Hi-Power. After installing the extractor, I fired 150 trouble free rounds through my pistol. The fact the extractor did not require fitting was wonderful since I am not a gunsmith. The extractor was worth every penny I paid for it.

  5. George Palmer

    I have replaced all springs and the extractor from another vendor. I figured that something else was wrong.Saw an add for Jack First extractors and bought one.I pulled the other poorly made part and installed Jack First.Brought the gun out the same week and popped off 4 magazines. I did not have to file to fit and I am very pleased with this Item.All along thinking the gun was done,shipping was within days! 5 Stars with this company!

  6. Patrick W.

    Unfortunately this part hasn’t worked out for me to well. The fit and finish is great, it is the proper length etc. Not sure what the issue is, but mine has produced consistent failures to extract, many times the shell is left almost completely chambered.. The part itself seems strong, the tension is very good, seems like it should work, but doesn’t for me in my mid 1950’s FN Hi Power. Other folks seem to have had better luck.

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