Browning Buckmark, Challenger III buffer #B5152501 (priced singly)

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This part is manufactured of high quality polymer very similar to the original.

Some parts may need additional fitting to accommodate wear in old firearms.

Sorry, we are unable to do any international sales of firearms parts due to excessive cost and regulations.

6 reviews for Browning Buckmark, Challenger III buffer #B5152501 (priced singly)

  1. Mark Bird

    I recently found myself in need of a buffer for a pre-200 Browning Buckmark. Unfortunately, this part is out of production and I received no response to my inquires with Browning themselves. I could not find any factory match buffers any ware on line. After a long search I came across Jack First Gun Parts. I ordered one part which I received in just a couple days to just see if it would work and was an accurate match to the original part. I put two hundred rounds through the old girl today and it once again is working perfectly. I experienced zero failures or feed problems. This original part can be hard to find but if that is what you need this is the place! I ordered another 12 to have on hand and their customer service was superb.

    Thank You

  2. Mark Bassett

    Need to replace the buffer on your pre-2000 Buckmark? This is the place! Part fit and works great and the price is great. I recommend this company.

  3. Lloyd

    I have a 1997 Ruger Buckmark standard.
    I have shot 1000’s of rounds with it.
    I went to clean it and the recoil buffer was so brittle it snapped when fighting to put it back
    together. This part was an exact fit. Maybe better than an orginal.
    I’m also glad I ordered extras because one flew way and hasn’t been seen since.

  4. Daren Elliott

    I have about a 1990 Browning Buckmark Target pistol (pre-2000). Last Sunday while reloading I found black chunks falling out of the action. I took it apart and the "buffer" had completely disintegrated. It was gone. Luckily the original drawings for the gun showed the part and the part number PO52501. The part number must have changed a little, but the part fit perfect. Ordered part on Monday and received new part on Wednesday. Had it installed 20 minutes later. Could not be happier! My Buckmark is as good as new and I love it! Thank you!

  5. Darryl

    Perfect fit! The original buffer was busted up, due to age. If you see black plastic pieces falling out of your 22, it is probably the buffer crumbling due to chemicals and wear. This replacement part is better than the original material.

  6. Ivo

    worked great in my old buck mark. the old one turned to rice size pieces after shooting it a little. all i needed was a new magazine sprig and this buffer and it runs 100% again

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