Ruger M-77 trigger guard, steel, blued #D-2 This trigger guard is for the discontinued M-77 with a tang safety – will not work on Ruger 77 MKII.

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Parts sold singly unless noted.


These are investment-cast of steel for us.  They are drilled and polished in-house.  We hot-blue them, to come as close as possible to the original Ruger finish.  These are a finished part, ready to install.

This part is manufactured of high quality tool steel and heat-treated to precise specifications in our Midwest facility, using an original factory part for duplication.  Some parts may need additional fitting to accommodate wear in old firearms.

Sorry, we are unable to do any international sales of firearms parts due to excessive cost and regulations.

7 reviews for Ruger M-77 trigger guard, steel, blued #D-2 This trigger guard is for the discontinued M-77 with a tang safety – will not work on Ruger 77 MKII.

  1. Tom Fitzgerald

    much better finished than the moyer TG. Not mirror polished but atleast it was deburred and cleaned up and somewhat polished. finish is a real black-blue not a flat black Parkerizing like the moyer TG. some minor hand fitting for floor plate release . this is to be expected with an aftermarket part. looks 10x better .

  2. Chuck Roth

    My original trigger guard had a hairline crack on one side of the front screw hole – very common problem with these older M77 Rugers. This Jack First trigger guard is a nice replacement – better than the original with more robust steel and actually blued (factory original is painted). I needed to do some light filing of the slot in the rifle’s walnut stock for the new part to drop in. Once that was done – everything was perfect cosmetically and mechanically. Also, rather than cannibalize the original release lever, spring, and pin – I ordered replacements from First. It takes some fussy work to get everything together, but not difficult if you are mildly handy.

  3. Michael Guy

    My rifle is a 1987 m 77 v in 220 swift I broke the t g in 1993 it’s been down since then brownell’s had some aluminum t g I just couldn’t bring myself to get one was going for the moyers but I think they are out of business I was looking through my first catalogs and saw this one so I got it and the new latch and spring and pin it popped in real easy but the front hole was off got out a chain saw file and in about a minute and a half it was fitted looks good and no other fitting floor plate works great I ordered on July 2 got here on the 5th good service I have 2 more 77 one in 22-250 and one in 243 they will both be getting new t g,s soon. THANKS TO THE PEOPLE AT JACK FIRST for a great product

  4. Donald Koffel

    I have a M77 in 300 mag my old trigger guard broke across the front screw hole since it was made of pot metal it didn’t surprise me. I ordered a trigger guard and floor plate release both look great. I had to do a little hand fitting but nothing i couldn’t handle. The new part have a great finish which makes my rifle look good and I don’t have to worry about it breaking because it’s made of steel. Jack First has very fast shipping so very little down time a real pleasure doing business

  5. Steven Rogers

    Ordered this steel trigger guard after 2 of the factory cast aluminum ones broke. You have to install your floor plate latch in the trigger guard but that’s it. It dropped right in without any modification. It has a beautiful dark blue color and is much stronger than aluminum. A little costly but when you consider you’ll never have to buy another, it’s not that costly.

  6. Joe Miller

    This is perfect for my 1979 M77 in .338 Win Mag. It actually fixed a bedding problem due to improper torque with the old cracked one. With the proper pin set you can do this in just a couple minutes and have an amazing high quality piece to your firearm.

  7. Kyle Koopman

    Fit perfect and had it installed in a few minutes. Great product

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