Ruger 180 series Mini 14 extractor #1047-M-14


Parts sold singly unless noted.


This is an extractor for Mini-14’s with serial numbers starting with 180.  Will not work on serial numbers that start with 181 or later.  This is the most labor-intense part we have manufactured.  After inspecting countless broken, original extractors, we made necessary improvements.  We have added larger radii to the failure-prone areas, and added extra material wherever we could.  This part is not guaranteed because of the easy availability of poor-quality steel-cased ammo;  we have sold hundreds of these without failure when used with standard brass cases.


This part is manufactured of high quality tool steel and heat-treated to precise specifications in our Midwest facility, using an original factory part for duplication.  Some parts may need additional fitting to accommodate wear in old firearms.

Sorry, we are unable to do any international sales of firearms parts due to excessive cost and regulations.


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